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Cub Scout Pack 990
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Cub Scout Pack 990 of Arizona


The mission of Pack 990 is to provide a positive safe atmosphere where the Scouts will grow and develop.  Our objectives are citizenship training, character development, out-of-doors skills and respect, and personal fitness.  In Cub Scouting, a framework is provided with guidelines upon which we build a positive growth foundation for a Scout to develop from being dependent to becoming independent.  We provide this through a learning process that invites fun and excitement.  By inserting fun and excitement into the learning processes our Scouts learn valuable life skills without knowing they are learning.  That is when we know we are doing it right!

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Den Meeting Nights

Listed below are "typically" the nights each den meets.  Meetings generally take place at Palm Valley Elementary starting at 6:30PM. Dates and locations are subject to change based on each den's specific needs.

       Lion Den 2 meets Wednesday nights 1-2x's a month

1st Grade
       Tiger Den 7 meets Wednesday nights   2-3x's a month

2nd Grade

            Wolf Den 6 meets Wednesday nights 2-3x's a month

3rd Grade
        Bear Den 5  meets Wednesday nights 2-3x's a month

4th Grade
        Webelos I Den 4 meets Wednesday nights 2-3x's a month

5th Grade

        Webelos II Den 3 Gladiator Patrol meets Wednesday nights 2-3x's a month